Well it’s safe to say the world has gone into meltdown and lockdown with the threat of life being at an alltime high.

Every step and turn taken is a venture into unfound territory as we have never been in this situation…. Well not in my lifetime anyway!

I don’t have the answers to what is going on at the moment!

James Callaghan was Prime Minister. The infamous 'Apple Company' was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

The first Space Shuttle was unveiled by NASA.

Concorde took its first flight.

The Damned released New Rose - (the first ever single released / marketed as 'punk rock').

You know when you need to learn how to get something done...

Work out how to do your 9 year old daughters maths or English homework for example. Hang a picture, rebuild an engine or wheelie a mountain bike further than 10 meters you normally have to look on youtube or google it.

Why do we use SoftWashing as our preferred cleaning solution rather than power washing?

Whilst we have a power washer and steam cleaner in our armoury of kit we only use it in the right place and at the right time.

Power washing, If done incorrectly can really do more damage than good.