You know when you need to learn how to get something done...

Work out how to do your 9 year old daughters maths or English homework for example. Hang a picture, rebuild an engine or wheelie a mountain bike further than 10 meters you normally have to look on youtube or google it.

When you need your home or place of work cleaned and you are not sure who to call, you don’t call the Ghostbusters (although I would love too!!!)… You normally just google it and a list of companies get listed out.

You then take a look at the websites...

What a mindfield!!! It’s a mess!

You have no idea which way to turn! Which is the best way to clean your building? Which is the safest method? Which gets the best results?

You see Exterior Building Cleaners, Power Washing Companies, Steam Cleaning Companies, Cheap, Expensive and a whole array of other decisions to make.

You have Render that needs cleaning, you see that you can’t power wash the render. You don’t have the time to take a week out and scrub the walls with off the shelf products...

You see SoftWashing...

You do some more research... SoftWashing looks amazing! But what really is SoftWashing?

There is only one source of information for moments like these... Wikipedia.

---- Take a look for SoftWashing on Wikipedia ----

Wikipedia rocks and is my source of knowledge for most things. So here we go!!!!!

So in America it started as cleaning Asphalt Roofs and as with any new cleaning technique it moved onto trying it out on all building materials... And it turned out amazing. Asphalt, Wood, Render, Brick and the rest is history...

Is it the only way to clean your house?


Is SoftWashing Safe?

Not in the right hands.

Is SoftWashing Safe with Clearstone Solutions?

Yep. We are part of the SoftWash Systems Network, we go through the best training, we use the best equipment and we have the best support in the industry.

So, Is SoftWashing the right way to clean your roof or render on your house or office?


If you don’t get wowed by the results I will eat my hat!!!!

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