James Callaghan was Prime Minister. The infamous 'Apple Company' was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

The first Space Shuttle was unveiled by NASA.

Concorde took its first flight.

The Damned released New Rose - (the first ever single released / marketed as 'punk rock').

Even the legendary film ‘Rocky’ was released...

And... as I’m sure you’ve realised… it was also the start of our story.

From a sleepy town in Dorset, two people called Linda and Philip, embarked on creating what they hoped, would be the future security and legacy, for future generations within their family.

Married in 1972, and 4 years later, expecting the start of their family…

Philip was going to build an empire..

He wasn’t going to take over the London stock exchange.

But what he did, he did well, and with a passion unrivalled by his competitors.

Phillip was a window cleaner. 

But, not just any window cleaner...

He was a window cleaner with a reason to get up in the morning…

A why! 

Something burned strong inside... 

Something that drove him to be better than everyone else.

Philip knew that if he did a great job, was honest and delivered outstanding customer service.

Then he would have a business…

Something that could give him that legacy…

Something for his soon to be born child.

But, What about Linda?

Well, Linda was driven, ambitious, caring and most of all... organised

Just what Phillip needed.

The Ying to Philip’s Yang!!! 

He could clean the windows. 

He could woo the customers but he wasn’t... let's say... “the most organised person you’ve ever met!”

So... the perfect pair... a match made in Dorset!!

On the 3rd of July 1976... Western Counties Window cleaning was born... 

A company founded on family values, customer service, honesty and high standards.

3 month later their first child was born… and so the family started.

Phillip worked hard, Linda did everything she could do to support him and the business started to grow…. 

As did the family!!! (Their favourite child came along 2 years later!!) 

The 'legacy building ball' started picking up speed.

Roll the clock on to today …..

Concorde has flown its last flight, the amazing Steve Jobs has left this life, NASA have retired its Shuttle fleet and we've waved goodbye to Woolworths, Midland’s Bank, Comet and B&H stores.

It’s a humbling thought sometimes to reminisce about the past and to realise just how things can change and what has been achieved.

Western Counties Window Cleaning Services is still going strong to this day...

With clients such as:

  • Greater Manchester West Mental Health
  • Dorset County Council
  • Avon And Somerset Police
  • Wiltshire Police
  • Yeovil Hospital
  • Dorset County Hosiptal
  • Arts University Bournemouth 

to name but a few...

With offices in both Manchester and Shaftesbury… and employing many staff across the U.K.

The only change being our name!! 

We are now known as Clearstone Solutions Ltd.

You will find us still operating with the same family values, still delivering the very best levels of customer service, still crafted around honesty and those high standards set out by Phillip in the beginning. A business, I know they are proud of. A legacy. 

A testament to them both, to their drive and passion to pass something on to their children. 

Something, what would say, they were here, and they did this.

Clearstone Solutions Ltd is now run by Shaun (favourite Son!!, Lee and Michaela, child no 2, 1 and 3). 

We have the same ethics, the same values and definitely the same reason “WHY’.

The future is bright for Clearstone Solutions.

The legacy will live on... I am going to make sure to that. 

What does the next 40 years hold for Clearstone Solutions? 

I don’t know that!  

But I do know it will be something we will be proud of..

Shaun Adams - Director

(Child Number 2 and proud son of Phillip and Linda)