A question that we often get asked is “can we work while you are not at home?"

In short, the answer is yes, we just need an external water supply and we need an external electricity supply and then we can carry on cleaning your property while you are at work or out and about.

However, if we are cleaning your roof, we do suggest that you or somebody is in during the day in case there are any leaks that we're unable to engage from the outside. Obviously a big part of Clearstone Solutions is that we do not do any damage to properties, but on the flip side to that, we don't know your roof in-and-out and, likewise, your windows. We do need to be careful and may need to access certain places so it’s really about being careful with what we’re doing.

So can we work outside without you being there? Yes. 100%. Do we recommend it all the time? No, there are certain situations where we'd like you to be in.

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