Another thing that makes Clearstone Solutions unique is that our staff have to go through an incredible amount of training before they can use equipment on-site.

As such, we follow the Softwash Systems training where the team has to go through a crazy amount of training, where they have to essentially answer 200 questions and they have to get 80% of those right.

These training questions really go through everything like; the cleaning surfactants that we use and how to apply the solution, how to protect your plants, how to protect your property, lead windows, and a whole array of other things. This training is a prerequisite for any staff member that comes through.

For us as a company, there are three main stages with Softwash Systems…

One is a Discover Softwash course. That's the basic level, where you're just getting a knowledge of SoftWashing.

The next one is a Certified Applicator, which is the stage most people will reach in regards to their training. They have to go through the 200 question quiz and get 80% or over, but at this stage an individual is not beholden to Softwash Systems in the sense that they don't have to use the chemicals and they can use other equipment to be affiliated with Softwash Systems.

The next step up is Authorised Level where you have to yet again take more tests, but you also have to sign a code of conduct to say that we will use the chemicals, we will use their equipment, and we will use and follow their training.

So we are not a franchise of Softwash Systems. We are our own business - Clearstone Solutions - but we have decided that we want to follow the Softwash System way.

The last stage above Authorised is Five Star and that is the elite of the elite within SoftWashing. At this level, companies will have a certain number of vans that are out on the road and they follow the systems and protocols right from the very start to finish.
So your SoftWashing rating is impacted by how long you’ve been doing it and the experience you have and - of course - whether you pass the tests.

I am so proud to be able to say that in 2022, Clearstone Solutions qualified as a Five Star company with Softwash Systems. This was a huge achievement for us and has felt like reaching a real milestone for the company.

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