A question that we often get asked is “can we work while you are not at home?"

In short, the answer is yes, we just need an external water supply and we need an external electricity supply and then we can carry on cleaning your property while you are at work or out and about.

Essentially, no there's no hidden costs. When we come out to review people's properties there will be a detailed quote of everything that we need to include.

For example, you know where the waste goes and that we use professional companies to remove waste.

Another thing that makes Clearstone Solutions unique is that our staff have to go through an incredible amount of training before they can use equipment on-site.

As such, we follow the Softwash Systems training where the team has to go through a crazy amount of training, where they have to essentially answer 200 questions and they have to get 80% of those right.

The 5 Year Roof Warranty, in my experience is the best warranty out there in Dorset.

As a Softwash Systems expert and one of only three 5* companies in the UK; that essentially means that we can clean your roof, and it will be a warrantied against all organic regrowth for the next five years.